Recruitment Process Outsourcing Overview

Tailor-made, easy, efficient, and excellent

Aiming at meeting the recruitment needs of enterprises, we can provide customized professional recruitment services that meet the needs of enterprises.

RPO Key Services

Search for Resumes

Multi-channel search for prospective candidates and recommend suitable resumes.

Interview Recommendation

Recommend qualified candidates for interviews on a pro-rata basis.

Entry Recommendation

Ensure successful entry of target candidates

Headhunting services

Ensure the successful entry of the target candidate and the passage of the guarantee period

Service Process​

Communicate Requirements

Communicate with HR about needed positions, identify requirements, and determine ways of cooperation and consultants.

Resume Mining & Screening

Searching for the right candidate and screening strictly according to the needs of the enterprise.

Telephone Interviews & Intention Communication

Conduct phone interviews for selected candidates and confirm their willingness and interest in the position.

Recommend CVs & Corporate CV Screening

Recommend candidates who passed the Telephone Interviews and Intention Communication to corporations for further CV screening.

Invitation for Interview & Arrival for Initial and Second Interview

Invite candidates for interviews based on corporate feedback, and ensure the candidates’ absence.

Offer Negotiation & Entry & Guarantee Period

RPO Service Advantages

  • Resource Advantage – Multi-channel Integration (Liepin Talent Pool / RPO Talent Pool / Industry List Resources / Target Corp CC)
  • Project Management – Online recruitment process real-time feedback (Highly Efficiency / Timely Feedback/ Full grasp of recruitment nodes)

Recruitment characteristics applicable to RPO


The development of enterprises’ national business needs qualified personnel to be put in place quickly throughout the country.

Large amount

Growing scale of enterprises, align with increasing recruitments.

Urgent Call

Emergency hiring, quick arrival.


more jobs, fast talent flow, in need of real-time talent reserves.

Recruitment effect:

Number of searches
Recommended resumes
Qualified resumes

China Merchants Bank

Implementation cycle:10/30, 2017 - 11/ 30, 2017

Service Type: Guarantee interview​

Recruitment Background: China Merchants Bank Head Office, China’s largest commercial joint-stock bank, management trainee for head office recruitment.

Job Title: Management Trainee for Head Office (Retail Banking, Corporate Finance, Trader, Fintech, Investment Banking and Financial Markets)

Tongfang Weishi Post
doctoral Research Station

Implementation cycle: July 2017 24 - September 16, 2017

Service Type: Guarantee interview

Recruitment background: Post-doctoral Research Station recruitment, state-owned enterprise, research oriented
Jobs: Internet Technology R & D, Optical Engineer, Material Engineer. Overseas PHDs with excellent research results in related fields


Recruitment effect:

Number of searches
Recommended resumes
Qualified resumes

Recruitment effect:

Number of searches
Recommended resumes
Qualified resumes

Palm Avenue

Implementation cycle: June 17 - September 6, 2017

Service Type: Guarantee entry


Job Title: Master Tutor for Graduate Application, New Media Operation Specialist, Master’s degree required