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Products Express

  • Want to break into product management, but don’t have the necessary skills ?
  • Already a product manager, want to bring your game to a whole new level ?
  • Want to start your own business, but don’t have the experience of constructing business model?
  • Want to be an interdisciplinary talent between business, technology and design?
  • Want to get a meaningful 2018 summer intern?

That's where the Liepin Product Express comes in!

What's Liepin Product Express ?

As a student, I will gain the essential product management skillset in 8 weeks, a 12-week summer internship at an unicorn startup (valuation over $1billion) , concluded by a capstone project

We guarantee to refund if you don't get internship offer.

Latest Event -- Info Session

3/4 8:00 PM (EST)

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We also provide the gift pack if you contact 10 days before the course starts !

The gift pack includes:Resume Review

100 + free PM book /PRD document

100+ materials of prototype

Skillset Learning

Lecture Content

Lecturer from famous enterprise in Silicon Valley will teach you  the core knowledge and skills in product management. It will help you understand product risk estimation, business model, product design, creation of wireframes, MVP, feasibility testing, user analysis, product development techniques, product lifecycles and more.  

Homework + Tool Tutorial

Learning about Jira, Axure, Balsamiq, Trello, Optimizely

Certification of Course

Receive a graduation certificate acknowledged by the entire industry along with possible recommendation letters from the lecturer.

Paid Internship + Capstone Project

12-week paid internship to gain
real world experience

Student will have the opportunity to work for an unicorn startup in China with strong mentorship and the support of a talented team. The paid internship will last 12 weeks in Beijing.

Per the internship performance, student will be evaluated for full-time opportunity for the company’s China or U.S office.

Meaningful Capstone Project

By the end of the paid internship, student will deliver and present the internship project. It will receive endorsement from the senior management team.

Certification Internship

Student will receive certificate from the internship sponsor and can demonstrate it on both resume and linkedin. Furthermore, student has the opportunity to receive the recommendation letter directly from the senior management.


Before joining Intuit, Nate has extensive experience in the PM world. He has 7+ years experience in software product management and has developed product used by over 100M users. He has wored at startup, Pre-IPO company and Fortune 500 companies as a product manager. He has deep knowledge about how to become a successful product manager across culture, industry and companies.

Skills :Product Management & Startup
Work Experience: Largest Chinese product manager group leader in North American
- Building world class SaaS product that simplifies the business of life
- Built awards winning software products with 220 Million users
- Shipped products that generate $45million revenue each year
- Built, an online education activities marketplace 7 years track record across the enterprise and consumer applications from conception to launch. Specialties: Product management, SaaS, customer-centric design, product leadership, cross-functional stakeholder management, enterprise application, UI/UX, product planning, agile development, managing global teams, and product growth.
Intuit Senior Product Manager


INTRODUCTION---Everything about PM​



  • 从概念到解决方案 (Conceptualization),草图(Prototype)
  • 如何制作用户画像 (Persona)
  • Build Customer Empathy 收集用户需求的正确姿势


  • 用户体验设计(UX Design)
  • 制定产品指标 (KPI)和不断迭代,如何选择正确的产品指标
  • 工作中如何使用产品指标的追踪与展示

第四周: 从产品开发到Roadmap(I)

  • 产品的生命周期(经典四阶段,Minimum Viable Product,产品架构图等)
  • 常见产品文档:(MRD,PRD, BRD)
  • 如何撰写产品需求文档(PRD)
  • 产品开发流程(敏捷开发,瀑布流开发等)


  • 敏捷开发详解 (Agile Development)
  • 工具介绍:Jira产品开发管理软件介绍(Epic,User Story等)
  • 撰写产品路线图,优先级管理,开发速度与预估时间


  • 产品上线的准备工作
  • 常见的产品宣传渠道
  • 设定产品上线追踪指标



课程Bonus : 硅谷顶级科技公司华人产品经理经验交流分享会

Time & Location

The Class Date : March 10 — May 10 

Time : 1.5 h — 2h on Friday/ Saturday

Location: Zoom (online)





  • Student gets in touch with the career consultant to discuss career goal and program fit. 
  • Student submits resume for review.
  • Student hears back from career consultant for final decision


  • Student receives 8-week immersive lecture on the essential product management skillset.
  • The lecture is designed and taught by the top product manager in the field.
  • Student checks in with the career consultant regularly .


  • Student graduates and receives the official certificate.
  • Students prepares for the summer paid internship


  • Student starts the intensive internship experience in Beijing for 12 weeks.
  • Student receives strong mentorship during 1 on 1 settings.
  • Student works with full-time professional team to deliver the capstone project.



These days, everyone seems to have an idea that may be “the next big thing,” but very few people actually have the knowledge or skill to bring a product to life. Product management lies at the intersection between business, design, and technology — allowing you to gauge whether a product is viable from a business perspective, desired by your customers, and technically feasible. Whether they’re developing their own product or working within a larger organization, product managers work with key stakeholders, designers, and developers to ensure that the final product meets both customer and business objectives.


Product management students tend to come from various backgrounds: entrepreneurs, project managers, designers, and developers. Students are often looking to apply product management skills to their current jobs or to switch careers into the product world.

Sometimes, Choice is more important than effort !